Slavoj Žižek: We will be controlled as in totalitarianism

Who will control the common space of people and artificial intelligence? Plans to directly connect human brain with artificial intimacy may change our awareness of the human being. Žižek is afraid that such futuristic technology will create a privileged group of people who will retain their own identity and free will, if the scientists get the idea, and will have complete control over ordinary mortals and their awareness combined with the digital space.

"Let us remember, inventor and billionaire Elon Musk has a great desire to develop electronic devices with a group of employees in his new project Neuralink, which could be implemented in the human brain, and with their help, people would manage machines. The basic idea is not bad, because in such a way it would be easier for many people who suffer from these or different forms of illness to live and do not obey them. A good example is Parkinson's disease. But such ambitious plans have their opponents".

"The first question is who will monitor the digital space. This is a mega political issue. I do not believe the dreams of those American scientists who say that in the future, we will all become part of the collective cerebral unity. The main question for me is - and I have no answer - how such technology will affect our own perception of ourselves. We will still be perceived as free living beings or we will be regulated by the digital machinery. Now comes the key point of this thinking - we may not even know that they are regulating us".

Computers will know more about us than we know ourselves

Žižek worries that advanced technology gives politicians an opportunity to turn artificial intelligence into favor and enslave us. Such a policy would control people and force them into acts that they would not even know they really did not. This is something that contains totalitarian implications.

"Remember that attempts to control us have existed from time immemorial. I know what the future brings. We will be automatically checked. They will control our health, but in addition, our actions, what we buy, what are our political beliefs, who we will vote for, and so on. The computer will know us better than we know ourselves! "

Žižek does not object this, because he does not live in utopia, in order to be able to resist this in the future:

"So, are we approaching the new era of humanity, paradoxical to the situation when living outside the digital space is only a privilege? The privileges will be those that will regulate the digital space without being included in it. A new division of the population classes will appear, much stronger than the one advocated by Marxist theory. There should be a division between those who are supervised and those who will control others and themselves".


  1. If I hard some form of technology in my head that took away my awareness, why would I care if I were enslaved. I don't really know what level of consciousness I'd have, so there might not even be an I. Slavery is only a problem because it causes needless suffering. Humans are aware and conscious. Would I be like a biological robot? There would probably be AI and robots more capable of doing things I would be opposed to doing, so why would those not be used in my place?

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