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Žižek's Jokes 1: The Jew who wants to emigrate from the Soviet Union

The Jew called Rabinovitch wants to emigrate from the Soviet Union. When the bureaucrat asks him why, Rabinovitch gives two reasons. His first reason, he says, is that he’s worried that the Soviet Union is going to lose power. Never, replies the bureaucrat. ‘That’s the second reason,’ Rabinovitch retorts.

Slavoj Žižek: We will be controlled as in totalitarianism

Who will control the common space of people and artificial intelligence? Plans to directly connect human brain with artificial intimacy may change our awareness of the human being. Žižek is afraid that such futuristic technology will create a privileged group of people who will retain their own identity and free will, if the scientists get the idea, and will have complete control over ordinary mortals and their awareness combined with the digital space.