Žižek's New Interview: "I object to the overwhelming power of the company, but the advent of robots is progress"

Slavoj Žižek has recently been interviewed in Italian Magazine "The Corriere". Here is what he said:

The Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Žižek declares hostage of Norway, confined to the Svalbard islands, where he was on vacation and where, in a sense, has never returned. "I do not mean to sound paranoid, but every time I open my inbox or go on a search engine sticking out travel deals, hotel discounts, tips on what to do in Norway. There I was with my son, a nice trip, yes, is now finished! What I mean? We do not realize how much data we give and how we are being spied by the big digital companies" Žižek says to the Courier.

Why the difference between perceived freedom and freedom taken away?

"We have fear of exclusion, to stay out of the place where everyone wants to be there apparently: exclusive clubs, but by millions of subscribers! How Facebook and Twitter. "

How can you defend?

"I have a cell phone that sends text messages only, for safety, and not on social, for lack of time. Who do we spend hours and hours I would do community service. An idea Stalinist, totalitarian but less certain social networks. You can not help it? Be aware though that you give your life to the algorithms that can be used by state authorities and, even worse, from companies that privatize some control functions on society. It's right Julian Assange on Google is in fact a privatization of the NSA."

The "inequality" is a concept applicable to various fields: from economics to technology. Where more obvious?
"I'll get a pair of the German philosopher's concepts Peter Sloterdijk, it is not left: the greatest disparity is between those are in and those who are out, among so-called civilized countries, which have high standards of social rights, freedom and security , and those who are out. Sloterdijk uses the term "dome" to indicate a glass wall, concave, which makes us see outside and protects us, as in some science fiction movie, the Stardust . It is a paradox: 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall we live in an apparently more united world, and in fact there are fewer differences between states, but have increased more and more profound, internal divisions, and cross: there are chasms between various classes and within the same class, for cultural and religious reasons, not just economic. "

The Trump wall makes clear speech. In his talent reality show "The Apprentice," he was known for as he sent away who was eliminated.
"Even if it is not built, the message has arrived. The wall is psychological, symbolic, television, an effect of reality: out who is who is out . Even Brexit and Erdogan's referendum goes against the universalism of rights, in favor of a local-nationalist vision so everyone drives at his house; and it's good to anti-imperialist African like Mugabe, who appreciates Trump and his "America first" which becomes "first Zimbabwe. '"

It is political fiction to imagine Mark Zuckerberg, father of Facebook, such as anti-Trump champion?
"It would be another disaster! I do not like private businessmen who control the public space of millions of lives. In Davos show capitalism with a human face, they seem interested in solving the problems of the world and demonizing nationalism, but lie! Nationalism is the reaction to capitalism and give us a false sense of security, which is dangerous. Social networks have similar mechanisms to undemocratic regimes. In China they want to measure algorithms with social trust of citizens on the basis of what they do on the web, if you look dissidents or pornographic sites. As in drama Black Mirror : at the beginning of the second season, in the near future, the social status of each of us depends on like that takes on the web."

Today is a lot of "fake news", but speaks the disparity between "true" and "false" is ancient.
"Meanwhile demonizzerei not fiction itself, sometimes opens our eyes. I think of dystopian films like Hollywood Hunger Games : born to teens, it illustrates some problems of our society better than many politicians. With the Cold War there were two great stories: the free world against the just, liberalism against communism and each producing fake news . Today is just increased the possibility of producing them and spread them. The real opposition is between modernity and relativism. I think the right American creationist rejects Darwin and deconstructionist Left that sees everywhere fascism of power and proposes a relativistic vision; The first denies the biology, the second in Latin America, equates medicine and witchcraft. Science is unique, we have to be proud of this invention of the West."

The technology promises us a world where robots will work instead of men. Many fear losing their jobs. Fears founded?
"Is absurd. We should be happy that the car you drive alone and let us watch a movie, read a book, kiss a woman. Otherwise we have to give up the washing machine that has enabled women to emancipate themselves from the work of washerwomen. It is a false dichotomy man / robot, our lives are already automated, increasingly digital; and it is changing our consciousness, the relationship with life and death. "

It refers to the killers live stream on social networks?
"The key point is the screen. We see everything there, and this creates the illusion of a distance, it's a game. It is no coincidence that it is parallel to the boom of social networks and video games: it forges a new subjectivity, in the first full, totally immersed in a virtual reality, trance, playing. It regresses to the subjectivity of Tom and Jerry cartoons where a bet you die and after that you are alive. So video games you can transform into zombies. Through the screen live time in a circular fashion. Die, games, still you die, start again. Transcendence Nothing, just repetition. "

If anything can end up on the screen, nothing remains out of the picture, nothing is obscene. It's the end of obscenity?
"Today everything is seemingly visible. In terms of short stories we can see everything stolen videos, interceptions, gossip. With a thousand bits of gossip create a biography of Trump. But on the major social and economic processes, which also depend on him, we are ignorant: they are more obscure and unpredictable. Who could prophesy the 2008 crisis? And racism in Europe? Our lives are obscure globally. All too clear on a personal level."

Porn invades our imagination. We are slaves of voyeurism?
"I'll tell you a little story. A guy is alone on a deserted island with a beautiful model, say Claudia Schiffer; in the absence of alternatives, she is allowed and, later, the boy asks her one last favor: "I can draw you a mustache and pretend that you're my friend?" She accepts, and what does he do? He tells her that he had sex with Claudia Schiffer! We need witnesses, we desire to tell. Sexuality is always potentially exhibitionist, in words or images. But there is no sense of exhibitionism private and public dimension, with YouTube or other systems that may lead to pathological exhibitionism obsessions."

Even the bonds change. What do you think of 'polyamory'?
"I am opposed. Having multiple partners that satisfy different aspects is not true love. True love is in despair: I choose you because I can not survive without. They are in this romantic, monogamous and violent. Love is violence, abuse of themselves and others, is unique. And obscene, today, because the feelings are ousted from a world where porn reigns more and more. "

You are an atheist. What you think?
"In the Holy Spirit. I quote my friend Rowan Douglas Williams, Archbishop English, for which Christianity says God is dead, there is only the Holy Spirit, which is a collective vision. I believe in a materialistic: just us, but at least we. I find it dangerous pseudo-oriental spiritual vision that is catching on. The worst torturers are often mystics. I speak not only of Isis terrorists, but in Brazil at the time of the dictatorship, where many police torturers had a mystical vision of religion."


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