Thinking in Cambridge on the left or right

Staying at the manor house on the outskirts of Cambridge, wake up in the morning by sheep's barking. It is completely knocked out by whiskey of those who engaged in establishing the Japanese Constitution, which is related to this land, and sunlight rarely hurts in the UK. Looking at the chase of the lamb from the window, it seems that sheep are dancing in front of a few sheep.

Aside from the whiskey that left a headache for a week after that , I thought about "right or left" while staring at the car window from Cambridge to Oxford. Brexit of last year, the birth of the Trump regime, and the British general election scheduled to be held in June this year. The French presidential election in May also shook the world if Marine Li Pen's "extremely right" administration is born.

It is not just me who is questioning the structure of this simple discussion about the discussion of "right or left" over the political situation since last year . Political philosopher Slavoj Žižek, who is talking about the recent talk at Oxford College St. John's College, also questioned recent discussions on whether it is right or left.

For example, President Trumppak would like to say that it is a very right administration in view of his sneaky racist speech. However, as Zizek says, following the economic policy of cards, it is probably "Mashi" rather than Hillary's policy, which has been highly regarded for adhesion with the business world. Likewise, with regard to French presidential election by Lipen and Emmanuel McMinn, Zizek points out that the Macron who is told liberal is actually dangerous in the future .

Zizek 's battle against the US President and French presidential election has the following points in common: It is an antithesis for existing systems . It is no doubt that Lipen is a threat to promote racial discrimination in an effort to claim "more gradual and feminine" immigration regulation than Jean Mary Lu Peng, his father.

However, similarly, Zizek asserts that such a threat itself will not go away even if Mr. Macron, which is regarded as liberal, takes power. It is like the time of the US presidential battle, as the Macron has won without changing the existing capitalist system, without having a positive vision for collapsing Europe or French politics. In other words, there is a real threat where people who are in the margin of squatting society from such existing systems do not try to change the essence of the problem despite becoming fertile of rub pen.

From the point of view of Zizek, the recent argument of "whether it is right or left" seems funny. The reason is probably that the problem is left without knowing whether it is right or left now, even the difference between the two polarities is getting lost. I do not know which to vote for, but Lipen is a threat to multicultural society so let's vote for Macron. His point of saying that probably many people are not aware that such voting behavior only increases the problem without changing the essence of the problem may be certain.

How is Japan applicable to these left and right axes? Abe recently expressed his intention to aim for the enactment of the Constitution in 2020. Japan that has maintained post-war pacifism. It is clear that the constitutional amendment, including Article 9, will give shock and tension not only to Japan but also to neighboring countries. The introduction of gratuitous education only for obtaining the vote of the Japan Restoration Association seems like a terrible thing if it takes into consideration the strange educational policy exposed in recent Moriho school problem. Is there a clear idea and principle that supports the Constitutional Constitution really in Prime Minister Abe?

Just 70 years ago, the leading figures who resisted losing the draft of the Constitution of GHQ are watching how the current administration wants to change Article 9 of the Constitution. From this point of view, we will proceed from this skillful drama that is progressing without a clear argument that Japan and the international community are best at changing the way and how to change the SDF as a constitutional or unconstitutional theory. I wonder how you are looking at it.

Whiskey at the time that punch worked so much that I could not compare with my favorite Lagavolin, I got even more.
(from Japan In-depth)


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