Žižek After French Election: ‘A vote for Macron today, is a vote for Marine Le Pen four years in the future'

The French presidential election is over, and Marcon has been elected as the new president. After describing Macron as 'the chocolate-laxative candidate' a few days ago before election, Žižek is back again with frustration saying Marcon “stands for the worst of Europe” and “is the candidate of fear of Le Pen,” as reported by RT. He says the liberal outcry to vote for Marcon as 'liberal blackmail'. Žižek continues,
Isn’t this the very essence of what worldwide is becoming today? You have all the freedom you want if you make the right choice. This is the very formula of why our democracy is becoming more and more meaningless.
Žižek emphsizes that Le Pen was of fear – 'fear about immigrants, foreign threat, financial capitalism and so on'. However, the same applies to Marcon: he 'was also a candidate of fear – fear of Le Pen. Macron won not because of what he is, but because he was anti-Le Pen',

Finally, he quoted “I already quoted Didier Eribon, the French author and philosopher:
A vote for Macron today, is a vote for Marine Le Pen four years in the future.
He reiterated, "We’re just caught in this vicious circle. Macron means business as usual. But it’s precisely this business as usual that will give new strength to Marine Le Pen. It takes time. She can wait. One election, two elections, three. In the end, she may win”.


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