Would You Share Your Wife and Your House with a Refugee?

I have never seen such an interesting refugee debate and interpretation in my life.

Fellow journalist Eyüp Can told me two weeks ago he was at a debate in London. Some 2,000 people paid 60 pounds each to watch the debate between two guests.

One of them was former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and the other was Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek.

The debate, at one point, landed on the refugee issue.

As the moderator was frequently interrupting them, Zizek and Varoufakis started talking to each other.
Zizek said, “[I have been] brutally interrupted. I feel like a refugee.”

Varoufakis laughed and said, “I will take you in.”

“You will take me in,” Zizek said, playing it up, “You’ll share your food with me? You’ll share your wife?”

Varoufakis, laughing, said, “I’m a socialist, but I don’t share my wife.”

“I’m different,” Zizek quipped, “I’ll share my wife, but I don’t share food.”

Well, what happened afterward?

Nothing, they laughed it off…

And 2,000 people also laughed and applauded this humorous talk.

Source: I will refer to this sentence in the future - ERTUĞRUL ÖZKÖK


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