Slavoj Žižek: "Macron is the chocolate-laxative candidate"

Slavoj Žižek is back again. This time he is on French election. During the last U.S. Presidential election he was severely criticized by American Liberal left for his controversial comments in favor of Donald Trump. This time he is raising his voice against Marcon. In a recent piece on Independent, he says "Macron is the chocolate-laxative candidate". The liberal's assertion that “Le Pen is a far-right Holocaust revisionist. Macron isn’t. Hard choice?” is "the liberal blackmail at its worst: one should
support Macron unconditionally; it doesn’t matter that he is a neoliberal centrist, just that he is against Le Pen. It’s the old story of Hillary versus Trump: in the face of the fascist threat, we should all gather around her banner (and conveniently forget how her side brutally outmanoeuvred Sanders and thus contributed to losing the election)".

Žižek continues to argue that while 'Le Pen is a threat', 'if we throw all our support behind Macron, do we not get caught into a kind of circle and fight the effect by way of supporting its cause?' The chocolate laxative available in the US is publicised with the paradoxical injunction: “Do you have constipation? Eat more of this chocolate!” – in other words, 'eat the very thing that causes constipation in order to be cured of it. In this sense, Macron is the chocolate-laxative candidate, offering us as a cure the very thing that caused the illness'.

Marcon is an outsider but he stands for the system though for apolitical all-encompassing tolerance. Le Pen stands for the antagonism of 'Us against Them'. While 'Le Pen’s politics draws its strength from fear (the fear of immigrants, of the anonymous international financial institutions)', Marcon 'finished first because voters were afraid of Le Pen, and the circle is thus closed; there is no positive vision with either of the candidates, they are both candidates of fear'.

Read the full piece here.


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