Slavoj Žižek on his wife Jela Krečič's novel "None like Her"

Jela Krečič is a Slovene journalist, columnist and philosopher. And she is the wife of Slavoj Žižek. She received her PhD in philosophy under the guidance of Mladen Dolar from Faculty of Arts in 2009. Since 2013, she has been married to philosopher Slavoj Zizek. She writes for the largest national newspaper Delo. She published an exclusive interview with Julian Assange in 2013 on Delo. She has also co-edited a number of anthologies on contemporary TV series and on the German American film director, Ernst Lubitsch. Her essay was published in the English anthology 'Lubitsch Can't Wait' (Columbia University Press, 2014).

Recently, she published her first novel, 'None Like Her', originally written in Slovene, and has recently been translated into English. The novel is one of the first titles in the World Series by Peter Owen Publishers in association with Istros Books, bringing some of the best contemporary writing from Slovenia to English-speaking readers. The novel sold out quickly after its publication and was very well received in the media. Slavoj Žižek, in the following video, express how he fell victim to Jela Krečič with her debut:

'None Like Her' is a novel about Matjaž who is fearful of losing his friends over his obsession with his ex-girlfriend. To prove that he has moved on from his relationship with her, he embarks on an odyssey of dates around Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. In this comic and romantic tale a chapter is devoted to each new encounter and adventure. The women he selects are wildly different from one another, and the interactions of the characters are perspicuously and memorably observed.

Their preoccupations – drawn with coruscating dialogue – will speak directly to Generation Y, and in Matjaž, the hero, Jela Krečič has created a well-observed crypto-misogynist of the twenty-first century whose behaviour she offers up for the reader’s scrutiny.

On the 1st of November, 2016 Nigel Warburton and Slavoj Žižek join Jela Krečič to discuss her new novel, 'None Like Her':

The following is the video of the above talk for a few minutes:


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