Slavoj Žižek Discusses Applications of Philosophy

Co-founder of the Slovenian Liberal Democratic Party and prominent intellectual Slavoj Žižek spoke at Pomona College's Rose Hill Theatre on Tuesday, Feb. 28. Žižek, a follower of Hegelian philosophy, is known for his theoretical combination of philosophy and psychoanalysis, and his ability to apply dense academic theory to pop culture and modern-day politics.

Žižek’s talk focused on how the process of producing something can result in a “surplus-enjoyment,” an idea which can be applied not just to the production of material things, but to psychological processes. At one point, Žižek compared the functioning of ideology in our everyday lives to the augmented reality game Pokémon GO.

“Instead of taking us out of the real world, and throwing us into an artificial space, [Pokémon GO] combines the two. We look in reality, and.....more


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