Žižek's New Book: The New Class Struggle

Slavoj Žižek about "the real reasons for flight and terror"

The Slovenian philosopher and cultural critic Slavoj Žižek is currently one of the stars at the sky thinkers - even or especially because his often unorthodox theories and links polarize strongly.His readings are sold out, asked his books. His current manifesto comes with a fist. "The new class struggle - the real reasons for flight and terror." A pithy title - matches started. Revolutionary Sturmschritt - one who has always in a hurry, a raging, one who wants to tell us in his own way, why he does not want military intervention in Syria: "Why do we bomb Syria We should instead massive pressure on? Turkey and Saudi Arabia make because everyone knows:. As soon as Turkey and Saudi Arabia end their support for the IS, the IS would collapse in a month or two "

Does it be because of a too easy? Žižek know that it provokes, but a fundamental problem on the professor of philosophy indicating his students is his concern and deadly serious. Žižek warns against a out of control geratenen capitalism, the whole country, destroy terror, war and misery bring. And not only the current flow of refugees to Europe - Here Žižek not only the terror of Paris has in view. He wants to know why more than 50 million people worldwide are on the run, why states and whole regions in war, anarchy and terror sink. Why the world is falling apart.

"Today's capitalism is undemocratic"
For Žižek has all that a common economic plan: an unleashed form of capitalism, which knows no rules and no social standards: "Capitalism - and I do not mean a few bad guys, I mean the system - this capitalism has in a way altered, where he no longer redeem its own promise of freedom. Today's capitalism is undemocratic and does in this form in Europe wide." With his polemic Slavoj Žižek has tried to write a kind of "political economy" of escape and terrorist crisis. For him, the problem is the dynamics of "neoliberal" capitalism, as she describes, for example, the film "Let's Make Money" in impressive pictures. It is this relentless race for the cheapest labor and raw materials. An inhuman exploitation logic that knows no morality and no limits. "Congo is for me an example of what I mean:.. The Congo has ceased to function, it is probably the most violent country in the world - but perfectly integrated in global capitalism, the warlords there make excellent commodity transactions with western high-tech -companies "says Zizek.

Plea for European social market economy
Žižek concludes: Who wants to prevent anarchy and terror, should be less thinking about military operations, but rather about how a truly fair world trade could look - a more humane form of capitalism: "I do not think that we are hoping for a new communist revolution should. Globalized capitalism itself is not uniform but economy, but in itself is full of contradictions and varieties. But this also gives us room and freedom for change."

About two varieties of capitalism, however, Žižek draws clear to war: against the fundamental market radicalism "made in USA" and against an authoritarian capitalism Asian structured embossing. Both antidemocratic, so his analysis. And precisely why Europe should be stand up for European values, once won by the French Revolution: the social market economy: "On the universal level, we should emphasize that the United States are important partners and our friends are, but on a practical level, we should eg TTIP and much, much reject others, "says Zizek.

Žižek wants us away from the thesis of the "clash between religions and cultures". He fights for his belief that the real reason behind it lie - that there are economic interests that lead to war and terror, which is why our problems are peacefully resolve. His fans love him for that message.

Author: Ulf Kalkreuth

Slavoj Žižek: "The new class struggle: The real reasons for flight and terror", Translated from the German by Regina Schneider
96 pages, € 8.00
ISBN 9783550081446
Ullstein Verlag, ET: December 17, 2015

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