The European Self-threat

"Europe has become a place of fear. The philosopher Slavoj Zizek thinks the fear is a "constitutive basis of today's subjectivity". But what does that mean for a whole community? One can experience every day a most active and virulent isolation and fragmentation of States, which lies on the mood of "abandonment in diversity" instead of the much-vaunted unity. Most clearly this abandonment is visible when the leaders of Europe belauern each other on their crisis peaks.

Then Defence fears are visible, all the mask of the refugee carry in their media and political representation - whether now behind them, the fear of terrorism, social decline, poverty, helplessness or religion robbery hides. So the Hungarians defend with razor wire their limits and push the masses to Austria further, the Austrians defend themselves (probably soon) with wire mesh and push the masses to Germany, and the Germans are working with border bars and slide masses, yes where? From Bavaria to Nordrhein Westfalen, from there to Brandenburg, to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. And there, where fear and anger in the common root word "Angor" the oppressive narrowness unite, burning refugee homes instead of freedom torches."

Source: The European self-threat - Wiener Zeitung Online


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