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The European Self-threat

"Europe has become a place of fear. The philosopher Slavoj Zizek thinks the fear is a "constitutive basis of today's subjectivity". But what does that mean for a whole community? One can experience every day a most active and virulent isolation and fragmentation of States, which lies on the mood of "abandonment in diversity" instead of the much-vaunted unity. Most clearly this abandonment is visible when the leaders of Europe belauern each other on their crisis peaks.

Slavoj Žižek: "Capitalism does not need democracy"

(Google translation from German.)

From one subject to another and yet in the matter: a tour de force of the Slovenian philosopher mid-October at the New York University.

Avital Ronell has well prepared for their introduction speech. She is the guest of the evening welcome, "my favorite Slav and slave, my Slavoj".Both have the stage of a movie theater at New York University climbed: the Jacques-Derrida Professor Ronell, on the country's best-loved philosopher at NYU, performance artist, feminist and German studies, and at least as enterprising philosopher, sociologist, polemicist, declared Communist and film expert Slavoj Žižek from Slovenia, also find Professor.

Have the Germanic Department and the German House at the University for an evening loaded on the topic "Is Hegel dead - or we're dead in his eyes a Hegelian analysis of the present?". But instead of an honest academic lecture experience the audience in the hall (which is much too small for the snake, which has been waiting around the block around) first a duel with unequal weapons.

Ronell raises to ground thinking about Nietzsche and Sacher-Masoch.Žižek it falls into the word, he does not want to be sexist, but can such and such writings "not penetrate." Whether he had ever tried it? "Yes, with Viagra, with everything. Do not go." Ronell touches his wishes, provide with appropriate vocabulary, the curve to higher thoughts and somehow comes to the German word disgust what Zizek Hegel and Kant incident Cunt. For this purpose one must do further reflection, she says. "Oh, other considerations," he interrupts. "The academics say that always, when they need more money and want to keep their jobs!"

He is as bold as brass, makes fun of Ronell funny, describes itself as Stalinists - they may talk, but he would decide. Although he breaks his assertions repeatedly the top by having them twisted himself and mocked, but the hostess is visibly exhausted after a good half hour. Heavy she exhales, consists gestural the pistol to his temple and leaves the stage.He has now also physically for themselves.

Cinema guide for perverts

Among the currently upstanding in price thinkers, the public intellectuals,there are many who act like eccentric and act out of character. Hardly anyone but does this so consistently and so unconcerned as Slavoj Žižek.On the one hand he is fully formed - Studies in Ljubljana and Paris, thorough study of Marx, Hegel, Heidegger, Lacan, with deep psychological as well as with ideology-critical currents. In addition, the 67-year-old has been working for decades with movie apart, produced relevant documentaries ("The Pervert's Guide to Cinema"), published books on philosophy, politics and culture and is present in half the world and throughout the network with performances and comments ,
Therefore, it is on the other hand no wonder that the loud "Vice" magazine "dangerous thinker of the West" accordingly has many critics who dismiss him as a fashion philosophers and Rockstar cultural theory. In addition his appearance, from which we must conclude that we may not have to take it as seriously as his themes sound - but more serious than it seems to take itself.

Politically correct Bullshitter

So on this evening. Clad in a dark gray to large T-shirt and baggy jeans, Žižek takes on some threads that are him seemingly just occurred or omitted.

As if we were in the middle, he thinks out loud about whether people who are for the strict discipline of all corporeal, not have a fascination with their own bodies. This leads him, as fast as we can not understand it, to Walter Benjamin and his preoccupation with "divine violence" - Benjamin've meant literally and not just vague picture of how some "politically correct Bullshitter" explaining try (to Žižek the favorite enemies are, and it has its many).

So violence as entertainment, and certainly is the lecturer at the Paris banlieues - one must not only acknowledge that there exists a hopeless situation for the immigrants, but also that the revolt has addressed the First against the mosques; it was far too little attention fact. As soon as we think about it, Žižek falls a little on the situation of philosophy in Germany: "Two-thirds are cognitive brain scientist who rest any Habermasians."

Still no word on whether we are dead or at least Hegel. Finally short, it clips him: "The true philosophers are all marginalized." He plead for a "Back to Hegel! But I do not wanna talk about it in detail now. Fuck you! Read my book!"

John Wayne's subtle changes

Section. Having a polemic against the fact that the former left hiding behind labels such as "democratic socialists", he comes to the Middle East to speak. "What have you (Americans) served here! Where Europeans are no better." If you attack in the name of freedom a sovereign state, and the result is, among other things, that all Christians be expelled and that the women are worse off than before: "Where is the sense of the action" He would not defend Saddam Hussein in the least, but what we have now, is at least as big disaster.

Already Žižek is in the current refugee disaster. "The only state that does nothing, is Saudi Arabia!" He combated the other hand, the attitude of the European left-wing liberals, who want to open the borders for all. One must look into the matter on the ground, and is of neo-colonialism, the invasion of Iraq as well as the wars in Sudan and around the Congo. It was not about ethnic quarrels, but to mineral resources to a race, for example, between China and France.

Section. Now again Hegel. Wonderful place Žižek, like his colleague Robert Pippin has analyzed Western Movies Hegelian: As in "The Searchers" indicates the subtle changes in John Wayne's face that is philosophy in its purest form, "and one can see also that Wayne was really an actor" ,

Section. "Enough of this bullshit. Psychoanalysis should kindly get out of introspection that we should know ourselves. The patient should learn that there are more important things than his suffering." He would also not have to deal constantly with himself. "I have a DVD available for a colonoscopy, in which the engagement was to see the doctor. Why should I want to have something like that ?!"

And quite a few cuts. Between them Žižek thinks about the IS after ("I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but that really is extremely obscure. Who is there behind this?"), About cultures that have all their unspeakable taboos, of course, our Western, especially on the dark times that lie ahead. "Capitalism does not need democracy." There is a growing number of authoritarian states who disregard the rules of democracy, but are well embedded in the economic globalization. India is only the numerically greatest example. And since we are back to Hegel and its reflections on the French Revolution: Its legitimate question is how one could hold up the emancipatory moment in history.

Slowly it becomes clear that Žižek's performance itself has something of a film, from the way Jean-Luc Godard had his day cut him, with jump cuts and substantial jumps. And that he Hegel insofar plays this evening, as he constantly suggests hook, apparently from one thing comes into the thousands, to re-enter on the subject, but at a higher level (synthesis).

Ronell waiting impatiently at the edge of the stage. Žižek know that he has, as so often exceeded the speaking time far. Sorry, it was too long, he apologized, "but on the other hand, fuck you! I'm not really sorry." Open mouths, irritation, surprise, applause! (Michael friend from New York, 10.21.2015)

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